On her search for her inner calling, she sneaked a peek wherever her curiosity carried her to. Not only as a test-driver, she forced many automobiles to and over their limit. She also teased her favorite fashion designer to his limits, when she gave an outline to a design, that was then published by his own brand, herself not being mentioned.

As a student apprentice she peeked behind the curtains of famous restaurants; their most confidential scenes, the kitchen and the course of action. She watched the sushi chef at work, eyed the kitchen chef handling with tricks and developed the complete formula for a perfect steak.

She loves nothing better than to be a guest behind the scenes, but loves to get in on the act if innovative ideas are needed. But still, her absolute inner calling remains art.

Her inexhaustable thirst for knowledge of the matter is visable in her own art; bearing the serenity, the patience and the moxie that a perfect product is a combination of many details. That is an integral part of her life since 2007.


Specialised on the particular requirements of a yacht, Marija calls unique three-dimensional artworks into existence.

Sculptures, objects, tableaus and paintings are infused and sealed to preserve the noble materials from the maritime climate.

Quite often she develops additional furniture, which emphasizes the art even more. This can be anything from a vase to a bed cover to even mirror-framework.

The artwork can be set in place with the proprietor during the construction phase or designed explicitly for an existing interior and installed completed.

But Marija´s art is not only for yachts, she also takes her passion to perfection as a basis for your domicile. Artwork that highlights the marriage of implicit precious elements with haptics and shapeliness.

The culmination of each work of art is the inauguration ceremony, held either on the yacht of the proprietor, at the villa, or where ever it is chosen for the complementation  to be unveiled and celebrated.